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People who drive as a profession often enjoy freedoms normal people with other professions do not. The pay is not as bad as some other jobs but you also get to travel. People do not get time from their jobs to travel as a person who has taken it as a profession to drive automatically gets to do so. Not to mention you enjoy being your own boss on the road while you are driving from state to state.

But no job comes without drawbacks no matter how good it sounds, in this case, keeping up with IFTA and making sure they are paid in full on time. Keeping record of the dispatch timings along with calculating the miles driven. Not to mention keeping track of invoices for the loads you have driven for customers. Having to do all of this makes one think that truckers spend more time on their paperwork than the road. However; with our services you can get rid of doing all the paperwork while keeping the freedom that comes with the profession.

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We offer to take care of paying the IFTA for you by keeping all your records and paying it timely, making records of the dispatch timings so you do not have to note down the minute details all the time. With our invoice tracker you can keep track of the invoices for all the loads you drive. With our services we also note down the miles driven on the road for you so you do not have to.


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